Tips On Teaching Your Teen To Drive

Tips for teaching your teen to drive can be invaluable.

Tips for teaching your teen to drive can be invaluable.

When it comes time to teaching your teen how to drive, maybe the difficulty comes from the fact that this is the beginning of the end. Soon, your sweet little boy or daughter will be spreading his or her wings and flying the coop.

In that case, enjoy your time together in the car and use these tips for teaching your teen to drive.

Let it go. If you can get away with it, do not criticize your teen as they make a mistake. Instead, do it later but do it as if you were just making conversation. For instance, if they failed to use a turn signal, don’t say anything then. Wait till you are on a straightaway and explain the importance of the turn signal.

Start small. You can avoid catastrophe by starting small. Find a large, abandoned parking lot, free of potholes, and have them practice basics of driving there. This is the place to help them get familiar with the odd feel of anti-lock brakes. Have them park, estimate where they believe the front and rear of the car reach then have them get out and see the difference in perception and reality.

Then again, maybe you’re not dreading them getting their license. Maybe you’re ready for the “me time” your kid’s new driver’s license will afford you.  Whichever situation you are in, these are some great tips for teaching your teen to drive!

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