All-New Malibu Debuts with Chevy’s Teen Driver Safety Technology

Teen Driver keeps your teen safe on the road.

Teen Driver keeps your teen safe on the road.

As the redesigned 2016 Malibu debuted at the New York Auto Show this month, so did Chevy’s new technology, Teen Driver. The system is an advanced safety technology designed to support parents in encouraging their teen drivers to practice safe driving habits.

The technology provides warnings, both audible and visual, that alert the driver when he has exceeded predetermined speeds. In addition, Teen Driver mutes the radio and the audio of any other device paired to the vehicle’s entertainment system when the driver and front passenger are not wearing seat belts.

The built-in automotive system is the only one in the industry to provide parents with a display detailing the driving record of their teens. Data, including maximum speed reached, distance driven, and the number of times active safety features were employed during the trip, are part of the report parents receive.

“We developed this system so parents could use it as a teaching tool with their kids — they can discuss and reinforce safe driving habits,” said MaryAnn Beebe, safety engineer for General Motors. “As a mother of two, I know anything that has the potential of keeping one’s family safer is of great value to parents.”

Chevy’s new tech feature is standard on the Malibu’s Premier trim and available for LT models equipped with the Convenience Package and up-level radio.

We at Hutch Chevrolet Buick GMC are excited to see the results of Teen Driver.

Why Green Should Be Your Favorite Color

eco-friendly drivingThe color green represents a few of our favorite things: Eco-friendliness and money. And this is precisely why green should be your favorite color. If it’s not, we’ll forgive you, but we hope you share our love for the environment and for money (save enough and you can buy the car you’ve been eyeing here at Hutch Chevrolet Buick GMC)!

Whether you love the color or not, here are some ways to get more green in your life by using less gas–save the environment and your wallet!

  • Watch your driving habits. Have you acquired one too many speeding tickets? Learn your lesson. Speeding is not only a sure-fire way to get pulled over, but it also decreases your fuel economy. Driving 45-65 miles per hour is staying within the optimal speed for maximizing the mileage you get out of your gas tank.
  • Drive less. Walk, bike, ride with someone else. If you can use your car a little less, your wallet is bound to feel a little heavier.
  • Give your car a little TLC. Change your oil, clean your air filters, fill up your tires when they’re low. Your car will be happy, and it will thank you with increased fuel economy and fewer trips to the gas station.

Being a green driver doesn’t have to mean purchasing the latest electric car or hybrid. You can do little things to help your current vehicle go green and stay green!