4th of July Firework Tradition


Now when we hear that it is the 4th of July, we automatically assume that there will be fireworks to mark the historic day.  But have you ever wondered when that tradition got started? Was it in the early 1800s?  The early 1900s?  Well here at Hutch Chevrolet in Paintsville Kentucky, we want to share the wealth of knowledge of the start of the 4th of July firework tradition.

4th of July Firework TraditionSurprisingly enough, the start of the 4th of July firework tradition was very close to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  The Declaration of Independence was signed on the 4th of July in 1776.  The first fireworks in celebration of the anniversary of the signing were set off on the 4th of July 1777.  That is just the following year!

Both Boston and Philadelphia set off fireworks in 1777.  Oddly both states skipped doing fireworks in 1778, but resumed in 1779.  During this first couple of years of fireworks, there was a great fear that cities would catch on fire.  Some cities, like Charleston, sent fire trucks all over the city for protection.  And other cities, some in New York, banned fireworks altogether.  Even today there are always fire trucks handy in case of an emergency, but luckily fireworks are no longer banned.

So it looks like the 4th of July firework tradition is one that we have had almost since the signing of the Declaration of Independence!  Join another long tradition of greatness by test driving a new Chevrolet at Hutch Chevrolet today!

What Does Your Car Color Say About You

what your car color says about youI’m sure we’ve all heard the question; what does your car color say about you? Some think that there is nothing to it, while others think it hold true. I suppose you could compare it to astrology in that sense.

Well, luckily, much like astrology it is still fun to read about even if you don’t believe a word of it! So we’ve put together a list of some of the more common car colors to see what they say about their owners.

Black – Powerful and classic. Black is considered a power color, so drivers of black cars are people who are not easily manipulated.

White – Pure and direct. White care owners people who tend to like things more pure and more direct; furthermore drivers of white cars are thought to be harder to please.  Maybe it’s because their cars show any spec of dirt?

Silver – Prestigious and elegant. Drivers of silver cars are believed to appreciate elegance, but with a bit of a flash.

Red – Outgoing and high energy. Those who prefer a red car are thought to be more outgoing and more high energy; they are also believe to like to call attention to themselves. It’s thought the brighter the red the more prominent the characteristics are while the deeper the red the more subtle.

Grey – Neutral and practical. Owners of grey cars are thought to be rather straight-forward. Furthermore, they are believed to also be more practical and organized; they make lists, talk things through, etc.

Light Blue – Calm and faithful. Expect drivers of light blue cars to keep their calm when the going gets tough; and since they are faithful, don’t expect them to bail during those times either!

Dark Blue – Confident and credible. Drivers of dark blue cars are thought to be confident. That makes sense, as they are credible as well. It’s easier to be confident when you’re telling the truth.

Was your car on the list, or do you know someone who drives a car on the list? If so, let us know at Hutch Chevrolet how accurate these are when you think about the drivers!