Prepare for the Cold with These Winter Car Necessities

Prepare for winter with these winter car necessities!

Prepare for winter with these winter car necessities!

Winter is by far the toughest season of the year for driving. Be prepared this year, with these winter car necessities you should keep in your trunk in case of an emergency.

  1. Blankets. If you get stuck in your car, keeping yourself warm will be your primary concern. Blankets are the easiest way to do this. Have enough so that everyone in your family can be covered (you can share blankets).
  2. Spare cell phone. That old cell phone you have laying in your junk drawer can be put to good use. Charge it up and wrap it the blankets. That way it won’t get damaged in a crash and you can use it to call 911, if needed.
  3. Empty cup or bottle. In the summertime, having a few bottles of water in the car is recommended. This isn’t true in the winter, since they can freeze and explode. Instead, keep an empty cup or bottle in the car. You can fill this with snow and when the snow has melted, drink up.
  4. First-aid kit. You want to be able to help if someone is hurt in an accident. Get a first-aid kit and learn how to use everything in it.
  5. Nutrient-dense food. Your body can’t keep itself warm if it doesn’t have any energy. Keep a supply of food, like nuts, dried fruits, granola bars, etc., in the car to keep you going while you wait for help to arrive.

What supplies do you keep in your car during the winter? Let us know at Hutch Chevrolet Buick GMC of Paintsville, KY!

Benefits of Winter Tires for the Snowy Season

Do you know the benefits of winter tires this season?

Do you know the benefits of winter tires this season?

Winter is fast approaching and we all know that that means snow and ice covered roads are almost upon us.  Before you hit the road after the first snowfall, make sure that your car is properly prepared to take on those ice covered roads.

With winter weather comes a number of winter driving hazards. Make sure you protect your passengers—and your car—this winter by purchasing winter tires for your vehicle.

Winter tires are designed with special grips and tread to deal with snow and ice easily, increasing your traction and handling, and making you safer out on the road. And trust us, when you find yourself on an icy hill, you’ll be glad that you have winter tires to help you.

The benefits of winter tires really cannot be understated during such a dangerous time of the year. To learn more about them, visit us at Hutch Chevrolet Buick GMC of Paintsville, KY, and be safe out there!

Three Great Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Are you looking for great last minute Halloween costumes?

Are you looking for great last minute Halloween costumes?

Halloween is just around the corner. However, the biggest scare is sometimes forgetting to pick up a costume for your child until the day has arrived. If you’re scrambling for a great last minute Halloween costume, then look no further—we’ve got a list for you! Here are three last minute Halloween costumes for your kid: Fortunately there are plenty of easy last minute Halloween costumes you can use.

  1. Ghost

For a spooky and simple costume, go with a sheet ghost. All you need is a white sheet and scissors to allow your boy or ghoul to see.

  1. A Bag of Jelly Beans

One cute costume you can come up with quickly is a bag of jelly beans. Just assemble a group of multicolored balloons, and place them and your child inside a plastic bag with holes cut out for the head, arms, and legs.

  1. Playing Card

If you have two poster boards, markers, and some string, you have all you need to have a last minute ace up your sleeve for a Halloween costume.

Do you have any other great last minute Halloween costumes?  We at Hutch Chevrolet Buick GMC of Paintsville, KY would love to hear your ideas!

Camping Tips To Celebrate National Camping Month

Get some great camping tips to enjoy National Camping Month!

Get some great camping tips to enjoy National Camping Month!

June is the month where we finally emerge from our abodes and shake off the last remnants of cabin fever. It also happens to be one of the best months to pitch a tent and brave it for all-night adventures in the wild (or semi-wild). Makes sense then that June is National Camping Month.

As many of you have likely experienced, camping can be tough. To ensure that your night out amongst the flora and fauna goes off without a hitch, here are a few helpful camping tips.

Make sure you bring the right supplies! Some sort of water filter and hydration bladders to store the water. Fire resistant gloves are a must if you enjoy cooking over a campfire. A multi-tool is absolutely essential to any camping trip.

Your success can largely depend on your campsite. Choose a location upwind from your neighbors, away from potentially falling dead branches, but otherwise with plenty of tree cover to abate a light rain.

Trail Sherpa provides other tricks to help you have the best camping trip possible. “Cotton balls with a smear of petroleum jelly make great fire starters,” and “Create various zones at your campsite,” like one for eating, another for lounging, etc. Bring activities and games for the kids! Camping can be thrilling for them, but it helps to keep them occupied at all times.  Tell us here at Hutch Chevrolet Buick GMC of Paintsville, KY your camping tips!

Feel Young Again: The Best Car Apps

Have fun wherever the road takes you with the best car apps.

Have fun wherever the road takes you with the best car apps.

Want to know what it’s like to be sixteen again, windows down, wind blowing through your full head of hair, driving for the first time? The following are some of the best car apps to make driving interesting and fun again!

The Greatest Drive app was designed to alleviate that frustration of being unable to find a scenic drive wherever you are. All of those GPS map apps want to put you on the interstate but you want a fun drive!  This app will help you go off-grid.

Drive a hybrid or electric vehicle and miss the offensive sound of a giant gas-burning engine? XLR8 has got you covered. Download the app, plug into the aux input of your stereo and hear your engine rev as you press the accelerator. Silly, yes, but as Jalopnik puts it, “When you’re really bored in heavy traffic, it can brighten your day.”

If you haven’t gotten Spotify yet, you are seriously missing the party! In an age where some new vehicles don’t even come with CD players, streaming audio is becoming the norm. Spotify is one of the best of these services.

Let us at Hutch Chevrolet of Paintsville, KY know your tricks and best car apps for having a fun ride wherever you go!

All-New Malibu Debuts with Chevy’s Teen Driver Safety Technology

Teen Driver keeps your teen safe on the road.

Teen Driver keeps your teen safe on the road.

As the redesigned 2016 Malibu debuted at the New York Auto Show this month, so did Chevy’s new technology, Teen Driver. The system is an advanced safety technology designed to support parents in encouraging their teen drivers to practice safe driving habits.

The technology provides warnings, both audible and visual, that alert the driver when he has exceeded predetermined speeds. In addition, Teen Driver mutes the radio and the audio of any other device paired to the vehicle’s entertainment system when the driver and front passenger are not wearing seat belts.

The built-in automotive system is the only one in the industry to provide parents with a display detailing the driving record of their teens. Data, including maximum speed reached, distance driven, and the number of times active safety features were employed during the trip, are part of the report parents receive.

“We developed this system so parents could use it as a teaching tool with their kids — they can discuss and reinforce safe driving habits,” said MaryAnn Beebe, safety engineer for General Motors. “As a mother of two, I know anything that has the potential of keeping one’s family safer is of great value to parents.”

Chevy’s new tech feature is standard on the Malibu’s Premier trim and available for LT models equipped with the Convenience Package and up-level radio.

We at Hutch Chevrolet Buick GMC are excited to see the results of Teen Driver.

Plan Ahead for Car Care Month

Get prepared for Car Care Month!

Get prepared for Car Care Month!

April is car care month, and while we are still over a month away, it will be here before you know it. In an effort to help you plan ahead and get organized before April even rolls around, we thought we would suggest a few resources that will help get Car Care Month started on the right foot.

Order a free car care guide. offers 100 pages of everything you need to know regarding your car’s maintenance and care (and it skips technical jargon). From understanding the warranty to types of alternative fuels, the car care guide has it all. Order a free print copy for your glove box.

Create a car care schedule.

Create a custom service schedule for your car. Simply register, enter your car’s make, model, and year information, and you’re on your way. The schedule will help you plan upcoming service, and remind you what needs to be done, and when.

Keep up to date with car care tips. also offers a variety of useful tips and tricks to help you keep your car working in its best condition. These articles offer current events, maintenance issues, safety advice, and more.

If you are ready to get your car caught up on all its maintenance needs, stop by Hutch Chevrolet Buick GMC today.

Recommended Car Council Tips for Winter – Don’t be Caught Off Guard

Don't get caught in the snow, follow these Car Council tips for winter!

Don’t get caught in the snow, follow these Car Council tips for winter!

We won’t lie: winter is likely the roughest season there is for drivers. Whether you have ice, sleet, hail, or frosted windshields before every commute, you’ll be running into some trouble in the coming months.

There are ways to make the winter more manageable, and safer to boot. Here are some Car Council recommended tips for pre-winter car care that will take some of the hardships out of the coldest time of the year.

If you’re due for a tune-up, it’s best to get it done as soon as you can. A proper once-over of your vehicle’s health will act like a preventative check-up to help you keep in tip-top shape during the cold season. If you get your car checked out, there’s less of a chance for the weather to stir up any slumbering problems in your car.

Get your battery, tires, brakes, and lights all checked. Make sure nothing needs replaced before the snow starts. A battery that won’t charge correctly could leave you stranded in the snow, and the cold is hard on a battery. Faulty brakes could easily lead to accidents when ice is involved.

Hutch Chevrolet has more information available apart from these Car Council tips for winter and every season year round. For more car care advice, be sure to check back with us in the future!

Hutch Chevrolet’s Tips for Traveling with Pets

Any tips to make traveling with pets easier are always helpful!

Any tips to make traveling with pets easier are always helpful!

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner. As you begin to make your travel plans, you have to ask yourself a very important question: Are the pets coming? If so, we at Hutch Chevrolet have some tips on traveling with your pet, especially dogs.

  1. Use a pet restraint. Restraints come in various shapes and sizes, so choose one that suits your dog and fits into the spacious cargo hold of your Chevy.
  2. Don’t leave your pet unattended in the car. Just like children, they can easily overheat. Pets also may jump out the window or even be stolen from your vehicle. It’s not worth the risk.
  3. Pack treats if your furry friend likes to bark. Treats and chew toys are a great way to keep their mouths occupied and prevent a headache on your part.
  4. Keep your dog on a leash as you explore new locations. Even well-trained dogs can be distracted by unfamiliar surroundings and forget their obedience training.
  5. If you travel with your cat, don’t forget a portable litter box and an old scratching post to help him/her stay calm for the ride.

Traveling with pets does require a bit more planning. You will, of course, want to find accommodations that will house both you and your pet ahead of time. However, it is worth the preparation to bring these members of the family along on your road adventures.

Fall Car Care Month

Get prepared for winter during Fall Car Care Month!

Get prepared for winter during Fall Car Care Month!

With fall here, everyone is gearing up for the winter months. Whether you’re in the temperate states or packing your freezer for big northern snow storms, everyone has preparations for the cold season this time of year. That’s why October is annual Fall Car Care Month.

Here are some suggested tips on what you should get checked this October to make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape for the change in weather:

To keep the frost and ice away, be sure to get your heater, windshield wipers, and defroster checked. A fault in these could end in visibility hazards. Make sure your ventilation systems are clear and your wiper blades are free from wear and tear.

Your battery’s health is vital in this season, especially if you’re traveling to a cold state for the holidays. Make sure it’s been changed in the past three years and that its connections are in good shape. It’ll give your battery a better chance against the cold.

Your tires are just as vital as your battery in the upcoming weather. Get them checked for pressure and tread depth. Make sure they are aligned and have no bulges or stripped spots on them. Get them rotated if necessary.

These are just a few things that we at Hutch Chevrolet suggest all car owners do for Fall Car Care Month. For more information and tips on how to stay safe this winter in your car, come in and talk with us!