Fall Car Care Month

Get prepared for winter during Fall Car Care Month!

Get prepared for winter during Fall Car Care Month!

With fall here, everyone is gearing up for the winter months. Whether you’re in the temperate states or packing your freezer for big northern snow storms, everyone has preparations for the cold season this time of year. That’s why October is annual Fall Car Care Month.

Here are some suggested tips on what you should get checked this October to make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape for the change in weather:

To keep the frost and ice away, be sure to get your heater, windshield wipers, and defroster checked. A fault in these could end in visibility hazards. Make sure your ventilation systems are clear and your wiper blades are free from wear and tear.

Your battery’s health is vital in this season, especially if you’re traveling to a cold state for the holidays. Make sure it’s been changed in the past three years and that its connections are in good shape. It’ll give your battery a better chance against the cold.

Your tires are just as vital as your battery in the upcoming weather. Get them checked for pressure and tread depth. Make sure they are aligned and have no bulges or stripped spots on them. Get them rotated if necessary.

These are just a few things that we at Hutch Chevrolet suggest all car owners do for Fall Car Care Month. For more information and tips on how to stay safe this winter in your car, come in and talk with us!

Motorcycle Awareness

With the weather getting nicer and nicer as the weeks go bye and summer inches closer, more and more motorcycles are bound to be out. In preparation of this, May has been declared National Motorcycle Awareness Month. Now, this does not mean that May is the only month you need to watch out for motorcycles, but instead it is just a reminder that there will be more of them as the months press on.

When it comes to paying attention to other motorists, motorcycles are the hardest to see due to them being about half the size of the average car. Due to that, it is important to be aware of what is around you by checking your mirrors often.

Hutch Chevrolet Buick GMC wants everyone to be safe out there, so remember, if you’re going to change lanes, look twice. You may just end up saving a life by doing so.

Advances in Car Technology try to Limit Driver Distractions

driver distractionsWe’ll never be able to rid ourselves from the distracting thing we call life. However, limiting distractions in the car is necessary for the safety of yourself and your passengers. However the dilemma between staying connected and staying safe has never been finer. So automakers are taking safety into their own hands by implementing the following technologies:

Bluetooth-Many new cars come equipped with some type of Bluetooth connectivity system. Drivers can wirelessly connect their smartphone to their car and give it hands free voice commands. It even goes as in depth as checking e-mails, sending text messages or searching the web.

Voice Recognition Technology- This technologly, often combined with Bluetooth, offers drivers handsfree commands for their iPad or an internal navigation system. Locate the nearest gas station or play your favorite song without removing your hands from the wheel.

Heads-Up Display- In addition to Google glass, some automakers are implementing heads-up display in their higher-end models. Heads-up display virtually shows essential data on a drivers windshield so they do not have to look down at gauges.

Canary- Outside the car, many companies are creating apps to help cease cell phone use while driving. The most popular, Canary, allows parents to track their child’s phone use while in the car. It signals the parents if the kid uses the phone while going faster than 12mph.

While some view the Canary app as a form of “Big Brother,” others say it is effective when teaching their children the dangers of texting and driving. For more information on distracted driving visit http://www.distraction.gov.

Why you should drive with the Top Down: Convertible Myths Debunked

Camaro ConvertibleSpring is finally here in Kentucky after a long, long winter. What better way to enjoy the nice weather than to drive with the top-down? Some of you may not be convinced so we’ve compiled a short list of debunked convertible myths for your reading enjoyment.

  1. Convertible cars aren’t safe-Increased stability and handling alongside advanced safety features makes a convertible just as safe as a sedan. Plus, the 2013 Camaro convertible comes standard with a rear vision camera and park assist.
  2. Hard to Manage- The 2014 Corvette Stingray converts on the go. With the push of a button the convertible top can retract while the car is in motion.
  3. Not enough room-While most convertibles are also known to be coupes, the Camaro and Camaro SS convertibles have enough room for 4 people to enjoy the drive.
  4. Gas-guzzlers- High fuel economy prices have forced drivers to start thinking practical. However, the 2013 Camaro and Corvette convertibles achieve 28 and 26 MPG on the highway, respectively.
  5. Lack practicality- Anyone who says this clearly hasn’t driven with the top down on a beautiful day. It’s great for relationships or anyone who likes to clear their head with a nice drive.

If you still have concerns about driving a convertible, stop by our dealership and give it a test drive. We’re enjoying the weather here at Hutch Chevrolet so stop in to drive away in a new convertible today!