Car Accessories for Christmas? Thanks Santa!

Need a good Christmas idea this holiday season?  Car accessories for Christmas are the answer!

Need a good Christmas idea this holiday season? Car accessories for Christmas are the answer!

Christmas is coming, and some people are hard to shop for. Here at Hutch Chevrolet, we understand your struggle and have some suggestions for gifts: car accessories for your loved ones. As people, we spend a lot of time in the car, so we should make it as comfortable as possible, so here’s a list of things to get those drivers in your life.

Read on to learn about the best car accessories for Christmas!

  • Car Chargers – who reading this hasn’t had their phone die on them on the way to a meeting, driving to their vacation spot, or just running errands every day? Car chargers are the solution to that, and chances are your loved one probably just lost theirs.
  • Reindeer Car Kit – for those in your life that just love this holiday season, what screams “Christmas is coming” more than antlers and a Rudolph nose on your car?
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Car Accessories – from seat-covers and steering wheel-covers to car charms, there’s something for the darker tempered person in your life. Those who love Tim Burton, Claymation, or just have a more cynical view on Christmas would appreciate this gift.
  • Detailer’s Max Protection Winter Care Kit – for the one in your family who truly loves his automobile, the best gift is the one that protects his car all winter long. The Detailer’s Max Protection Winter Care Kit includes everything he needs to protect his vehicle against UV, road salt, bugs, and chemicals.

From all of us here at Hutch Chevrolet, happy holidays and good luck with your shopping!

Crazy Diamond Performance Creates CNG-powered Sonic and Cruze for Chevy

CNG-powered Sonic and Cruze are as green as they come...going green that is!

CNG-powered Sonic and Cruze are as green as they come…going green that is!

Crazy Diamond Performance is known for taking some of Chevrolet’s popular small cars and turning them into compressed natural gas (CNG) monsters. The company’s latest creations: the CNG-powered Sonic and Cruze.

The Michigan-based company recently received approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for these two new CNG-powered vehicles, making them a terrific, eco-friendly choice for transportation.

The CNG-powered Sonic and Cruze will target consumers looking to cut fuel costs and their carbon footprints. Currently, CNG is sold for around $2 per gallon, which is similar to current gasoline prices, but the more eco-friendly gas’s average CO2 emissions are around 25% lower than gas-powered vehicles.

Each of the two models will have a range of about 300 miles on a single tank of compressed natural gas, giving it a farther range than many gasoline-powered vehicles.

The price for the CNG-powered Cruze will start at a low $26,000, while the turbocharged version goes for about $28,000. If you’re interested in learning more about Chevrolet’s small cars, make sure you stop in to Hutch Chevrolet today and see what options we have to offer you!

Sinkhole Corvette is Restored – At Long Last

A sinkhole took eight Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum, but one sinkhole Corvette is restored!

A sinkhole took eight Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum, but one sinkhole Corvette is restored!

Nine months ago, at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky, a giant sinkhole opened up beneath the museum’s Skydome showroom and swallowed eight valuable Corvettes. It then took months to retrieve all the cars from the hole and now the news breaks that the first sinkhole Corvette is restored.

By far, the least-damaged of the eight Corvettes was the 2009 Corvette ZR1 “Blue Devil.” It suffered a broken windshield, dented doors and fenders, cracked oil lines, and bent rear control arms. However, it was still able to drive out of the museum on its own power.

Recently, the fully restored Blue Devil was on display at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. It showed off its stunning blue paint job along with its powerful 638-horsepower V-8 engine. When the Blue Devil was new, it was the most powerful production Corvette ever built. After SEMA, the Blue Devil will return to the museum.

The Blue Devil was expertly restored by General Motors and is one of only three sinkhole Corvettes that will actually be restored. The remaining five were deemed beyond repair and will remain on display at the museum in their sinkhole-damaged state.

With the National Corvette Museum being right here in Kentucky with us, it would be a great experience to see all of these Corvettes, both restored and damaged.

Recommended Car Council Tips for Winter – Don’t be Caught Off Guard

Don't get caught in the snow, follow these Car Council tips for winter!

Don’t get caught in the snow, follow these Car Council tips for winter!

We won’t lie: winter is likely the roughest season there is for drivers. Whether you have ice, sleet, hail, or frosted windshields before every commute, you’ll be running into some trouble in the coming months.

There are ways to make the winter more manageable, and safer to boot. Here are some Car Council recommended tips for pre-winter car care that will take some of the hardships out of the coldest time of the year.

If you’re due for a tune-up, it’s best to get it done as soon as you can. A proper once-over of your vehicle’s health will act like a preventative check-up to help you keep in tip-top shape during the cold season. If you get your car checked out, there’s less of a chance for the weather to stir up any slumbering problems in your car.

Get your battery, tires, brakes, and lights all checked. Make sure nothing needs replaced before the snow starts. A battery that won’t charge correctly could leave you stranded in the snow, and the cold is hard on a battery. Faulty brakes could easily lead to accidents when ice is involved.

Hutch Chevrolet has more information available apart from these Car Council tips for winter and every season year round. For more car care advice, be sure to check back with us in the future!