Benefits of Winter Tires for the Snowy Season

Do you know the benefits of winter tires this season?

Do you know the benefits of winter tires this season?

Winter is fast approaching and we all know that that means snow and ice covered roads are almost upon us.  Before you hit the road after the first snowfall, make sure that your car is properly prepared to take on those ice covered roads.

With winter weather comes a number of winter driving hazards. Make sure you protect your passengers—and your car—this winter by purchasing winter tires for your vehicle.

Winter tires are designed with special grips and tread to deal with snow and ice easily, increasing your traction and handling, and making you safer out on the road. And trust us, when you find yourself on an icy hill, you’ll be glad that you have winter tires to help you.

The benefits of winter tires really cannot be understated during such a dangerous time of the year. To learn more about them, visit us at Hutch Chevrolet Buick GMC of Paintsville, KY, and be safe out there!

Why Green Should Be Your Favorite Color

eco-friendly drivingThe color green represents a few of our favorite things: Eco-friendliness and money. And this is precisely why green should be your favorite color. If it’s not, we’ll forgive you, but we hope you share our love for the environment and for money (save enough and you can buy the car you’ve been eyeing here at Hutch Chevrolet Buick GMC)!

Whether you love the color or not, here are some ways to get more green in your life by using less gas–save the environment and your wallet!

  • Watch your driving habits. Have you acquired one too many speeding tickets? Learn your lesson. Speeding is not only a sure-fire way to get pulled over, but it also decreases your fuel economy. Driving 45-65 miles per hour is staying within the optimal speed for maximizing the mileage you get out of your gas tank.
  • Drive less. Walk, bike, ride with someone else. If you can use your car a little less, your wallet is bound to feel a little heavier.
  • Give your car a little TLC. Change your oil, clean your air filters, fill up your tires when they’re low. Your car will be happy, and it will thank you with increased fuel economy and fewer trips to the gas station.

Being a green driver doesn’t have to mean purchasing the latest electric car or hybrid. You can do little things to help your current vehicle go green and stay green!