Feel Young Again: The Best Car Apps

Have fun wherever the road takes you with the best car apps.

Have fun wherever the road takes you with the best car apps.

Want to know what it’s like to be sixteen again, windows down, wind blowing through your full head of hair, driving for the first time? The following are some of the best car apps to make driving interesting and fun again!

The Greatest Drive app was designed to alleviate that frustration of being unable to find a scenic drive wherever you are. All of those GPS map apps want to put you on the interstate but you want a fun drive!  This app will help you go off-grid.

Drive a hybrid or electric vehicle and miss the offensive sound of a giant gas-burning engine? XLR8 has got you covered. Download the app, plug into the aux input of your stereo and hear your engine rev as you press the accelerator. Silly, yes, but as Jalopnik puts it, “When you’re really bored in heavy traffic, it can brighten your day.”

If you haven’t gotten Spotify yet, you are seriously missing the party! In an age where some new vehicles don’t even come with CD players, streaming audio is becoming the norm. Spotify is one of the best of these services.

Let us at Hutch Chevrolet of Paintsville, KY know your tricks and best car apps for having a fun ride wherever you go!