Are Tires Just Spinning Rubber? Not To GM

Hutch Chevrolet

How important is it to have specific types of tires on your car?  According to a recent study performed by GM and a few independent researchers, the type of tires you have on your car is very important.

According to their study, having an optimized tire design can increase your mpg by up to seven percent!  That can be anywhere from three to five mpg on some of today’s cars, and that really adds up over time.  This is exactly why GM is performing research on the tires they use, looking at aspects such as tread pattern, construction, material quality and processing techniques.

The testing and research is being performed at the National Tire Research Center, which officially opened last month.

“This facility’s equipment…can test tires in the full range of the performance spectrum,” said Frank Della Pia, executive director for the tire research center.  “It can test tires in the full range of the performance spectrum.  This facility has no peer in the world.”

Equipping your Buick, Chevrolet or GMC vehicle with the right tires can mean all the difference when it comes to the safety and performance of your vehicle.  Use our Tire Finder Tool to find the right tire for your vehicle.